Year 5 Yorkshire Museum Trip

Our year five classes got to take part in lots of different activities! At the Yorkshire Museum, they showed off all of their fantastic learning in a discussion with Mark, the workshop leader, and got to handle real Ancient Greek artefacts which were thousands of years old! Also, the children were able to dress up in clothes that were similar to Ancient Greek design and create a tableau (still image) of a Greek scene. They built epic temples from wooden bricks, practised an Ancient Greek play and even had a go at weaving. Every child also took part in a standing long jump competition, just as it would have been done in the Ancient Greek Olympics!

When visiting York Art Gallery, the children were able to take some time to reflect on what 'philosophy' means, and how the Ancient Greeks created philosophy, before exploring the art works and deciding which one was most beautiful. They pondered big questions, such as 'Does art have to be beautiful?' and 'Should art have a message?'. At the end of the session, once they had sketched the piece they felt was most beautiful and shared their opinions on which one was most sad, the children (and teachers!) voted on whether art should be beautiful in the traditional way ??" with different coloured pebbles.

The staff at the museum and art gallery commended the children on their fantastic behaviour, and were impressed by their thoughtful questions and respectful handling of the artefacts. Well done year five!