Street Dance 2015

After School Street Dance Club

Children at Southmere are given the opportunity to take part in a street dance club on Wednesdays after school.

Initially the club offered lessons in street dance but Mrs Jacques (who runs the club) is eager to introduce other dance styles in order to give them a more varied outlook on the art of music and dance.

The club has a friendly atmosphere where pupils can make friends with children from other year groups and it gives them the opportunity to be creative and become more confident.Although the club is usually dominated by girls, it is fantastic to see that recently the boys have been getting involved too.

All the children involved in the dance club get the opportunity to perform what they have been learning and some have been lucky enough to represent Southmere at a dance event organised by the trust.

The benefits of attending the dance club are huge. Not only are the children keeping fit whilst learning the art of dance, they are also developing social skills, teamwork, creativity, confidence, body awareness, good discipline, grounding for sports activities and hopefully a healthier lifestyle. Did you know that stimulating the brain through dance helps children with studying too?

The children love exploring dance in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and the confidence that they gain is immeasurable.